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The Jená Creations Community Corner is a source for women looking for support and information regarding disease related hair loss. It is a place to be surrounded by others who understand the pain and terrors of life altering diagnosis.

These are true stories shared by brave women who have stared terrifying and devastating times of diagnosis and illness in the face.

These experiences are meant to provide strength and offer support to women enduring similar journeys. You too can share your story with us on our Share Your Story page.


Story #1: Finding the Best Resources During Challenging Times

When I received my cancer diagnosis, my oncologist told me that I would lose my hair quickly and handed me a prescription for a "cranial prosthesis".  This freaked me out, so along with my many medical appointments over the next week, I made a priority of finding the best wig possible.  I went online and called my dear friend Nan who is also my hair person and we started our hair research.  At the same time, a girlfriend who had recovered from breast cancer took charge.  "Don't waste your time.  Get an appointment at Jena Creations. She'll find the perfect wig, and be sure to order a ballcap/wig for running to the grocery store."  Early one morning, I left a frantic message for Lauren (who owns Jena Creations).  She texted back immediately!  This was before 7 a.m.!  She assured me that she could arrange an appointment that would work for Nan and me.  I relaxed instantly.

Lauren provided everything that I needed for that awful day -- a calm and gentle spirit, exceptional listening skills, privacy, amazing knowledge of wigs available in terms of style, color, pricing, features, timing and shipping logistics...and information for my insurance company.  She provided kind and honest feedback as we tried on wigs.  She visited with us about wig care and styling and "fit".  She guided me to a perfect solution.  Throughout the process, Lauren stayed in communication with me so I didn't have to add this to my list of things to worry about during a time of high anxiety.  My sincere advice to anyone who is facing this situation:  Begin your search with Lauren at Jena Creations. During a time when everything seems to be beyond your control, Lauren will help you to feel good about a major decision. She truly understands.  

Now that I am wearing them every day, I must say that the quality of my wig and my ballcap/wigs is terrific! The hair is soft and the wigs look just like their photos. I had beautiful hair and I miss it terribly, but I receive so many compliments on my new look. It really helps during a challenging time!

Connie, St. Louis