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Jená Creations (RE) Launch Day! It's Finally Here.

Anna FahrenhorstComment

Jená Creations has been in business since 1990 and under our care for 10 years. It is an alternative hair boutique focused on providing women, no matter their story, with wonderful service and genuine support. Now, we have a brand new site and have added an online shopping feature!

Over the years, we have encountered thousands of women who have powerful stories. Many of the women we work with are suffering from disease related hair loss and those journeys are not easy. We have laughed and cried with so many, understanding that sometimes as a woman, something like hair, can bring out the greatest emotion. 

We promise to continue this level of commitment to women everywhere. Now, with the launch of our online store, it is our hope to help so many more. Even though an online purchase such as this may feel challenging, we are here for you no matter how far you may be. You can call us anytime. We want to offer the same level of service and support online, as we do offline. Truly, you are important to us. Passion is at the core of what we do.

Please contact us with any questions and share our site with those you think need the greatest care during the most challenging times. Each and every woman who comes to us is highly valued and appreciated. We are in this together and hope you share your journey with us. 


Jená Creations