Jená Creations

Many wigs are machine made in all or part. Entirely machine made wigs are the least expensive. The cap on these wigs is all fabric, with no lace type fabric included. Most wigs are machine made in the back where you will see hair sewn in strips or wefts from side to side. 

Wigs can come with differing amounts of hand tying:

Lace Front - The front cap line is a thin piece of lace giving the appearance of no cap edge or bulk.  This type of cap is responsive to styling off the forehead affording a very natural look

Mono Top - The crown hair is sewn individually giving it the natural appearance that our own hair has naturally.  When parting a Mono Top piece, you will see a natural looking part line. A single mono top may feel rough when wearing without your own hair. A Double Mono Top piece has a silky comfortable feel.

Mono Part - Only the left side part line is hand-tied

All Hand-Tied - These are usually the lightest weight caps. Soft materials and naturally tied hair make this cap very popular.  Also the most expensive cap construction.

Wigs can come with any combination of these cap types.