Jená Creations

If you are wearing a wig with your own hair, you will want to use a wig liner to hold your hair under the wig. There are different fabrics to choose from; nylon, fish net, and cotton.  No matter how much hair you are tucking under the wig, the main objective is to get your hair as smooth and flat as possible to prevent a bulge.  Long hair can be sectioned and secured with pins flat against your head. 

Wearing a wig without hair may not require a liner.  It is your personal preference depending on comfort. 

Hold the wig in the back with a thumb on either side of the tag. Start with the front of the wig just about your eyes (about 1/2 inch) and pull back of wig towards your neck.  Then gradually pull the front of the wig towards your natural hairline until the edge of the cap is at that line. Make sure the wig is straight by checking the pointed reinforcement area of the wig at the temple area.  You are now on straight and ready to go!