Jená Creations

Your wig will look great! We work only with the best manufacturers, who offer the best quality and use the latest technology for natural looking wigs. Follow a few simple ideas for that extra level of confidence. 

- Give yourself a little time to get used to wearing a wig. Since we've identified with wearing our own hair for so long, any change can seem noticeable (at least to ourselves). Just like changing up your own hair, it "feels" different at first - so will your wig. Soon you'll forget it's not a natural part of you! So rule #1: make sure it's comfortable.  All wigs are adjustable in the back of the cap.  Make sure that is set at a place where the wig feels comfortable and secure. 

- Wigs often feel like too much hair for some women.  If this is your situation, simply take the wig to a stylist who is experienced with wigs and let him/her thin some of the bulk out!

- Your wig will feel most natural at first if it is a style/color that you currently wear or one that's not too much of a departure from your natural look. Especially true for women wearing a wig while going through chemotherapy or experiencing alopecia. Fashion wear can be a different story!

- And remember, perfect looking hair is just a wig away. Enjoy that your wig is a perfect haircut and will always lay just right, even after being windblown! Don't try to over style.