Jená Creations

Most women going through chemotherapy will be wearing a wig for approximately one year. After treatments have ended, your follicles will need to regain the signal to begin growing again. If you color your hair, it will take approximately 6 months for your hair to be strong enough to handle hair color chemicals. In addition, your hair will need to grow to a length that you are happy and comfortable to wear again. 

It's a good idea to have more than one wig. Some women will feel most confident with two that are the same and others want two that are slightly different in either color, style or both. There are no rules, it is simply about what makes you feel most confident. Having a back up wig will alleviate any stress concerning shampooing, travel or damage to your primary wig.

And remember, many women will continue to periodically wear a wig even after their hair has grown back. Just more bad hair days, easy vacation hair, less time wasted styling, and quick hair for last minute adventures!